Thursday, March 31, 2011

Commies Always Ride for Free

By Stephen Guy Hardin

March 30, 2011
Seeing all of these Commies, Marxists, Union thugs and other nefarious Democrats getting bused into Madison, Wisconsin to march for teacher’s collective bargaining rights, reminds me of the 1976 movie, The Big Bus, a really horrific piece of crap starring Joseph Bologna and Stockard Channing.  Watching all of those unwashed Lefties getting plied out of their trash strewn buses, like over ripe sardines from a dented can, waving their dog eared copies of Das Kapital and chanting their Michael Moore penned slogans is more than a little humorous
This merry, smelly band of Progressive fellow travelers are gradually becoming road weary travelers, as they roll from state to state, barricade to barricade chanting their nonsensical drivel as if it were the latest track from yet another John Mellencamp comeback album.
As the caravan of buses tour the debt ridden states of the Midwest demanding social justice, while cashing their per diem checks from George Soros, the public specter of Commies marching for the rights of the poor, disadvantageous government workers of the SEIU is rapidly wearing thin on a public that is learning the realities of the lie that is the American Left.  The slowly dawning reality of a system bankrupted by unearned entitlements and the slight of hand thievery of  special interest groups, who have turned the pockets of the taxpayer inside out, has provided more public political illumination than the past twenty years of talk radio.
Though the National Educators Association doesn’t mind squandering the retirement funds of their working class teachers on the room and board for these ravenous hordes of Democrat protest junkies, the public charade is begin burned through by the light of day.  The time is approaching when even the deep pockets of Soros and his various and sundry front groups will grow weary of the Commies Comedy Road Show.  Then it will only be for the strong hearted and soft headed true believers to carry on their unholy crusade to turn America into a workers paradise.
But, as with all well funded protesters everywhere, even though the money train of public funding, misappropriated union dues and the ill gotten envelopes of cash from guilt ridden, billionaire megalomaniacs may run dry, the cadre of the ultra Left will always take care of their own.  To paraphrase that heroic, unwashed, drug addled hippie from decades gone by, Jack Kerouac, commies always ride for free.